How to identity a stylus touch pen

By | April 18, 2016

We shall make sure what the stylus touch pen before purchasing pen in case of be fooled by merchants. Currently capacitive stylus is divided into two kinds: active capacitive touch stylus pen, passive stylus touch pen

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Active capacitive touch stylus pen, the circuit in the stylus transmit signal to the touch screen pen matrix receiver to detect where the coordinates of the pen is, tip requires a battery-powered, of course, you can design a variety of functions. . The price is very expensive. For example, the JOT script capacitive pen is those priced a bit high. There are few manufacturers to develop such a capacitive pen On the market.

Passive capacitive touch stylus pen, it can be treated as a finger or a conductor, it does not emit the signal, but it can change the matrix in contact with the capacitive touch screen. It is because this pen does not emit a signal that it comes with great pen head (so as to have sufficient sensitivity, like many ipad pen); Why is the pen head big? How to sense where the finger is detected by the change in electric field or a charge leakage caused by the capacitive coupling .Thus the need for relatively large capacitive coupling is to stabilize the change in detection signal to avoid noise interference. As we all know, plate capacitor capacitance is directly proportional to flat area and is inversely proportional to the square distance between the two plates, the focus is where the capacitive screen sense requiring the change in electric field caused by capacitive coupling in a certain contact area. That is why capacitive screen requires a certain coupling area in order to work reliably and why the first capacitive pen are relatively thick and can not be made needle-like. Currently what popular on the market are passive capacitive pen, price ranging from 10 to 100 USD.

What made from passive capacitive touch stylus pen are rubber and conductive fabric. If the requirements of the process is of non-compliance, the stylus would be prone to broken. Many capacitive pen flooding on the market is actually not standard, so which are not used as easy as a finger. Generally speaking, rubber stylus head is bigger than the conductive fabric head . Diameter  of the rubber is usually 8MM, diameter of the conductive fabric is usually 6MM.

Then in terms of the impact sensitive factors, there are generally three factors. One, the quality of capacitive screen itself, it is very easy to understand, two, the impact of the tempered glass protector film, three, whether the capacitance touch stylus pen  is good or bad

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