How to pick a right knapsack for hiking and camping

By | April 26, 2016

For one-day outing, riding, mountaineering activities, just pick the backpack. Less than 30 liter. For camping for two to three days, multifunctional  backpack with 30-40  liters is preferable, such as the fashion portable solar charger backpack knapsack with 10W solar panel and standard USB data cable unveiled by ONU MALL online store and sold at, it is not only a 35L knapsack, but a solar charger eliminating the need to outlet and mobile power bank and battery pack during your trip and adventure and camping wherever you go., which is pretty convenient and practical, safe and comfortable.

knapsack for hiking and camping O-SOPA-12722-1-Business-Solar-Charger-Backpack

For more than 4 days hiking, you have to prepare a backpack filling tents, sleeping bags and mats and other outdoor equipment, definitely, you would switch to a packsack with more than 45 liters. Additionally, those specifically used for general outdoor activities is different from those used for mountain climbing, hiking backpack not used many parts, those preferring to l mountain climbing shall mind that mountaineering backpack shall not include many parts.

When hiking alone, you could choose about 25 to 35 liters backpack. When traveling with your family during the holidays, the need to select about 40 liters backpack, those with plug-in system are convenient to help the family carry umbrella, cameras, food and other items.

Prior to the selection of knapsack, just measure how long the part of your body between the projections of cervical and the last lumbar spine. If the trunk length is less than 45 cm, you shall pick a small backpack. If the torso length is between 45-52 cm, pick a medium knapsack,if your torso length is 52 cm or more, preferably choose a large one.

How to pick a suitable size based on whether you are able to check up the buttocks and legs when putting on your knapsack. If you just see a large backpack and two calf, it would be not for you.

How to pick the outdoor knapsack various due to the different size and loading capacity of men and women. Usually one or two days short outing, unisex backpack with about 30 liters is practical. For more than 2-3 days of long-distance travel or camping, switch to 45-70 liters or larger backpack, men generally choose backpack with about 55 liters, 45 liters backpack is preferred for women.

Personally, you’d better not shop a packsack to until you have a try, all of the  parts of packsack contacting with the body shall come with sufficient cushion, backpack inner frame and sutures should be strong.. With particular attention to the thickness and quality of straps, as well as check for chest strap, belts, straps and the like and adjustable belt.

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