How to properly pick a backpacks

By | April 26, 2016

Backpack is one of the most important equipment for outdoor sports, it looks like our “warehouse”, so, a satisfactory backpack is very important. However,not everyone knows how to properly pick a backpack, with that in mind, ONU MALL online store is willing to share the tips with you!

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Backpack Category

There are currently soft Japanese backpack, external frame knapsack and internal frame packsack. Japanese backpacks is almost the same as those specifically used for students, if you prefer to general city tours, one-day excursions or Outdoor activities in a single day, no need to use tents, sleeping bags, stoves and other things, just prepare a Japanese backpack.

External frame pack is a very popular outdoor backpack, this knapsack has a H-shaped metal frame, photography, stoves and other equipment can be hung outside. Outer frame knapsack can fill tons of items, which is pretty convenient to use. Taking into account the comfort ,external frame pack bag is inferior to internal frame pack, its suspension system is mainly thick straps, backpackers are difficult to grasp the balance when walking on a complicated route. So, if you go through the woods, caves, creeks, or skiing, climbing, it is best not to use the outer frame knapsack .

The internal frame package is a large backpack enjoying a great popularity, it is originally designed for climbers, skiers and hikers, but it has been used by more and more people. Inner frame bag also has a shelf, what it different from the outer frame package is that the frame is placed inside the chest of the pack so that it is close to the body. Good inner frame package can be adjusted according to the body, making backpacks more personal, it is possible to assign a reasonable weight.

How to properly pick a knapsack

A really good backpack like the clothes worn. You shall personally try instead of improvise and focus on the following aspects when picking a packsack,:

First of all,you shall make sure which knapsack you need in the end. For an outdoor sports, the living environment is harsh, the trekking road is long, you have to carry plenty of stuff, so you’d better use the inner frame packsack.

To determine how large the package is, capacity of the inner frame package is generally ranging  from 40 to 120 liters, for the average traveler, a 65 to 75-liter bag fully meet the needs, but for those long-term outdoor camping, you may need a 95 liters of the inner frame package. You shall choose a suspension system fitting yourself. A carrying system properly adjusted can put most of the weight (over 60%) is transferred to the crotch and buttocks, so as to our shoulders with load significantly alleviated. Apart from the inner frame mentioned above, the suspension system includes straps, belts and chest strap. Preferable backpack straps and belts can be replaced according to your body so that you can always adjust the weight distribution on the shoulders based on physical strength and the environment.

Note knapsack production materials and processing quality. Favorable backpack production materials feature both strong and waterproof, the super-strength materials should be used at the bottom of the bag, strap and wherever easy to wear. Backpack zipper is the key in case zipper is easily split when bag is filled with piles of stuff . Filler material between the frame and the body should be mesh-like fabric, so as to excel in absorbing sweat. The inside of the backpack preferably has a telescopic function, when few things are packed, your bag will look very small and the space occupied is limited. Thus, when you pitch a tent, just put the necessary items in a backpack not to take up space which could have been saved in the tent. In addition, the installed water bottle pocket is also useful. The best one is those featuring strapping along. As long as the production of materials and workmanship is excellent, the knapsack brand is actually not seriously concerned about.

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