How to pick a right 3D video glasses

By | April 27, 2016

In recent years, with the development of film and television production technology, 3D movie began sweeping the country, you can easily find tons of 3D video sources on the network and within the DVD sales shop, of course, besides the video must be 3D , but you must also have a pair of 3D glasses so as to really enjoy a 3D movies, but there are currently a wide range of 3D glasses and piles of brand complicated in the market, you would be wondering which 3D glasses is good in the end and what brand of 3D glasses is trustful, with that in mind ,ONU MALL online store would like to  share some practical detail in how to buy right 3D glasses.

3D video glasses

According to 3D glasses technology: what the 3D glasses current used in market are generally those without flash-type, those with time-division and those with complementary colors, of which those without flash and time-division are two techniques have not been widely used, both are not only play 3D movies rarely, but the price is relatively expensive, 3D glasses technology with the use of complementary color is more suitable for mass consumer demand compared to two technologies, which is not only developed, but is known for good 3D stereo effect, more importantly, this technique is the most popular, most of the online support 3D movie glasses;

According to the lens material: how the lens depends on how the  video viewing effects, good 3D glasses lenses generally comes with high-quality manufacturing 3D optical material, three-dimensional effect is amazing while watching the movie; the eye dose not easily tired, and inexpensive 3D glasses often come with ordinary resin lens material, three-dimensional effect with image blur is poor, there will be the feeling of dizziness;

According to the lens colors: a complementary color above mentioned are the popular 3D glasses, the principle is the image recorded in the same sub-picture on two different perspectives with two different colors, so every deputy 3D glasses lens comes with two colors, red and blue colors currently supported 3D glasses lens movie the most, followed by green, red and purple brown, red and blue color we should be the one preferred, if you want to watch more 3D Videos, those matching with other colors is ideal option;

According to he frame design: majority of those accustomed to wearing sighted glasses have to wear two glasses when watching 3D movies, generally good 3D glasses manufacturers have been taken into account the problem, therefore the 3D glasses frame design supports nested position of eyeglasses, as long as the ordinary glasses nested in 3D glasses to watch.

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