How to use the 3D glass in cinema

By | April 27, 2016

3D glasses gray legs only can be touched, you shall not touch the liquid crystal lens and the frame, when handing the glasses, please hold the mirror leg, but do not forcibly break the temple to avoid damage.


The lens can not be wiped by tissue or towel, if the lenses is not clean enough,you could inquiry the cinema staff who are ready to serve for you.

If your myopia is not serious, the degree of myopia glasses is less than 200, you could remove the myopia, or ask the staff to switch to forward position.

If you have to leave the auditorium,you would better hand the 3D glass to the staff, please do not give the glasses to peer or leave it in the cup holder of seat.

For those taking care of children, do not allow children to fiddle with the 3D glasses, please look after the children around you.

When cinemas shows stereoscopic movie, a break time must be lengthened to avoid dizziness or reduce damage to the eyes.

By the end of film, please exit in sequence, and check out how the 3D glass is and hand the 3D glasses to the staff if there is nothing wrong with the glass.

Make sure the glasses lens, mirror legs, frames are in normal state, you have to pay for any man-made damages or loss. If you have any objection in the compensation rules,just apply for a refund at the ticket office before the show begins.

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