Samsung unveiled the Samsung Internet for Gear VR

By | April 28, 2016

If you immerse yourself in the virtual reality, when you want to search for something, how would you do? Now, you can use a optimized web browser specially designed for the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality 3D glasses.Samsung unveiled the Samsung Internet for Gear VR virtual reality 3D glasses according to what the technology blog named TechCrunch reported.

Samsung Internet for Gear VR

Chan-Woo Park , vice president of Samsung, said: ” Samsung is committed to provide a fully immersive mobile experience for our users in the world of virtual reality. With the increasingly growth in a significantly demand in  360-degree and immersive video content, Samsung Internet services has enriched our content ecosystem of virtual reality available to consumers, setting the industry standard on the virtual reality viewing experience. ”

Samsung Internet browser bookmarks

Bookmarks of the Samsung Internet for Gear VR

Gear VR virtual reality 3D glasses  web browser beta version is now on-line at Oculus store, coming with the support for voice commands and the virtual keyboard. It also supports 360-degree 3D and streaming video and any HTML 5 video playback.

Samsung Internet browser also has a Gaze Mode, you can select a menu just by gazing at the screen, without having to click the touchpad or controller. Samsung said that users can also import and manage bookmarks.

Samsung Internet browser virtual keyboard

Samsung Internet browser virtual keyboard

For virtual reality devices into the consumer field, a web browser launched is a very important step, because most people will be the first to use a web browser to get entertainment and information before opening any Netflix app store. The question most frequently asked by Gear VR users is  whether they can browse the web.

The Voice Search provided by Google in Samsung Internet browser is very convenient. Bookmark of Samsung default Internet browser includes Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube. When you start browsing, the browser will use a label to recommend sites. Gaze mode is also very convenient, if a user look at an entry time for more than one second, it will automatically “click” link. But if you read the article containing a lot of hyperlinks, you might encounter some trouble because it may automatically open the page user does not want to check out.

In addition, Samsung virtual reality 3D glasses Internet browser window is small, it provides a “zoom” function, it is unclear whether other users can resize, but the slightly big window seems to be better.

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