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Nothing can stop the pace of VR and the adult movie

Virtual Reality  is increasingly hot, then what it will lead to what rushing  forward? Game, live, entertainment, health care, real estate, retail, education, engineering, military Will benefit from the VR virtual , the adult film can beats any others and get the maximum.

Porn video with VR

Adult film practitioners believe that VR technology will unavoidably set off a visual revolution, making the audience particularly men crazy and can not help but buy the VR virtual device.

The followings are a partial view of the VR adult film actress.

Anna Lee

I have tried all kinds of new things for 18 years since I squeezed in the adult industry, and now I am so enchanted in VR.

Her HoloFilm Productions company began using a variety of professional video camera last year, capturing variety of provocative action of porn star at 360-degree, with VR to make the audience personally on the scene.

She said: “This is the development direction of the entertainment industry wearing the VR case, you can interactive with favorite porn stars in a room. There is nothing you cannot do but something you cannot predict.”

Brett Rossi

She participated in the performances in Anna Lee’s new VR video, also full of praise for VR.

“It makes you feel you reaching out and touching them. In this video, you can check up anything even small spots on the bottom.”

Vicki Witt

Has played in Hall of Fame of Adult Video News, there are many possibilities in VR adults experience she thinks.

“We really want to make VR adult experience.”

She also had an idea: make a real interaction one on one with other media through live video dialogue.

VR glasses with porn movie has become a favorite this year

Along with two high-end VR equipment, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive consumer versions of  3D VR glass box headset  have been introduced, VR (virtual reality)glasses headset has dramatically been enjoying a great popularity over the world. Meanwhile,more and more those immersed in the 3D VR glass box headset are crazily searching porn movie on the Internet to enjoy the amazing  3D sensory stimulation.

VR glasses with porn movie 3d-vr-glass-box-headset-with-headphone

According to foreign media reports, Google Trends statistics show that VR searches on interest is relatively low over the past 10 years. But VR search interest is growing exponentially (as shown) particularly VR adult film this year.

In terms of the regional heat, hottest cities where VR adult film is checked out : Helsinki, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore and Seoul. The hottest areas are: Norway, Finland, South Korea, Sweden, Australia.

Given the searches related to VR in the adult film, porn vr free is the phrase most used.

Definitely, porn sites also have the corresponding action. The world’s largest porn site Pornhub said  that they had launched a series of small adult movies  coming with virtual reality technology last month, Pornhub also pledged to send 10,000 free 3D VR glass box headset so as to promote the service. However, the experts are waiting how the development of VR adult film, as well as how many user accept the VR device.

What are the 11 magical purposes of VR glasses

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular. The Times of India has  recently listed 11 magical applications, including applications of virtual reality technology  in movies, games, tourism and criminal investigation and other areas.

Movie: When you wear a virtual reality headset, it will prevent a variety of background light interference or distraction factor to ensure that your experience will not be destroyed,which makes virtual reality is the best option to watch videos and movies, it equipped with chairs and screens makes you feel like being in a movie theater. Netflx has launched a virtual reality application which is compatible with Samsung Gear VR virtual reality box headset displaying content at 720P HD resolution .

watch movie by wearing a virtual reality headset

Games: Since the 1990s, virtual reality began to be applied to the game. However, 2016 is widely regarded as a year when virtual reality game really took off. Now, there have been many games for playing on a different virtual reality platform. Including Sony and Valve and other developers have announced supporting for virtual reality and is developing virtual reality equipment for games. With improvements in display and processor of smart phones, smart phones attached to virtual reality helmet to play the game will soon become a reality.

play games by wearing a virtual reality headset

Virtual tour: Since virtual reality can display 360-degree panoramic video, it began to be used in the tourism industry. Virtual reality can be used to demonstrate the thousands of monuments, museums and popular tourist attractions. You can start using the basic Google Cardboard and smart phones , only search virtual reality words in the application of  store , you can find the desired application. It will really affect the tourism industry ? Perhaps, but at least it contributes to the saves in piles of money in the real world over saves in reality travel!

travel by wearing a virtual reality headset

Reproduce the scene of the crime: Virtual reality can get you  into a different place and time. it’s a perfect way to reproduce the crime scene, because it helps to identify and analyze what was initially ignored. The police can use the advanced camera scene photos to make into a 360-degree panoramic video, followed by a series of events to be reproduced. Investigators are able to look around in order to find more clues just wearing a simple virtual reality glasses . When the crime scene is located in a busy street or wherever unable to maintain the integrity, this technology is more important.

Reproduce the scene of the crime via wearing VR box headset

Virtual car showroom: Many car enthusiasts like to go to different car showroom and experience the elegant surroundings, sit in the car, start the engine and so on. Application like Relay Cars has been invented, you can find above experience in the virtual world. After opening the application, you can watch video car, start the car engine or even listen to the sound. Engine sound sample is collected from a real car, so what you hear is exactly the same as the real world. Once this technology is adopt by mainstream car manufacturers , you will not need to leave the house any more to access more car showrooms.

Virtual car showroom via wearing a VR box 3D headset

Watch local content: because many virtual reality helmet can use the smart phone to act as monitors, so you can use them to watch local content. For example, a free virtual application VR Cinema movie can automatically split video stored on your phone, they will be displayed side by side, just as the use of virtual reality helmet to watch. You can also use mobile phones to play 3D movies. Application called Seene can capture 3D images and view in a virtual reality device.

watch local content via wearing a virtual reality headset

Live streaming event: We always think of the smartphone OnePlus VR 2 live streaming capabilities. What you have to do is install the application, then you can use the Google Cardboard or similar device to form a 360-degree panoramic to view live video events. Not long ago, Samsung had demonstrates the virtual reality applications in  the flagship phone Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in the Barcelona conference. It has become a trend, viewers prefer to sit at home and watch TV.

Live streaming event via wearing 3D VR box

Medical: CT scan can accurately identify abnormalities. The problem is that doctors have to check out the scan results on screen or printed film. Once you have virtual reality technology, doctors can see more detail, and manipulate them in 3D space. This will mean faster and better diagnosis. Other applications of virtual reality in the medical field include remote controlled surgical tools, risk-free training of medical staff and even treat patients.

Medical Via wearing 3D VR box headset

Virtual Shopping: Shopping City is rapidly evolving into delivery mode, anything ranging from clothing and footwear to department store merchandise is integrated into the application, the next logical thing would be fresh virtual reality shopping. Large retail chains are experimenting with virtual shopping: You can “step into” products store, search, and check what you want to buy, then add it to the shopping cart. You do not have to leave the couch, these goods will be delivered to your home. This approach also applies to the mall, several stores which can be combined in a virtual mall.

Virtual Shopping via wearing 3D glass vr box headset

Military training: how to create the perfect soldier? Training can be as much as possible. Virtual reality can be called an effective complement to real-world training, the soldiers can Language safe environment, but it can simulate every possible situation on the battlefield and enemies. Virtual reality technology has been applied therein in flight simulation and battlefield simulation. More advanced mobile virtual reality platform allows soldiers sitting on a mobile platform in order to better simulate real-world scenarios.

Military training via wearing 3D glass VR headset

UAV control: although the use of drones is controversial in many parts of the world, yet they are still popular science and technology. UAV number is increasing rapidly, virtual reality may provide a method of controlling drones even if you can not see where it is. Now, the drones have already been used for the  investigation activities, it can deliver real-time information to  your virtual reality headset via camera , so that you can remotely control it. FLYBi, Ghost Drone CloudLightFPV and other companies have launched a consumer version of the product in this area.

UAV control conected to VR headset 3D glasses

How to clean and store cosmetic brushes

How to clean makeup brushes?
Wipe off the remaining cosmetics by brushing along the paper face in order to make your skin against the infringement of bacteria , clean the brush at least once a month, soak the cosmetic brush in diluted warm soapy water, then rinse clean in cold water. Gently dry the moisture with tissue paper, finishing on the dry towel to dry. Cosmetic brushes shall be dried naturally after washing , do not use a hair dryer or dry under the sun, otherwise which may wound material; you could use the hair milk to dip and wash the cosmetic brushes to make the bristles softer .
handle-makeup-brush  right makeup brushes for right application
How to store cosmetic brushes?
General brand shall be equipped with the appropriate cosmetic bag, compact cosmetic bag is suitable for travel brush with short handle or travel brush, big one is suitable for storing large professional makeup brush, it is preferably to insert makeup brushed with its head on commonly used  in cosmetic tube, long-handled brush is preferable, but it is inconvenient to carry, so you should choose a portable makeup brushes sets or a standard sets according to your needs.

How to pick a agreeable makeup brushes

There are wide variety of makeup brushes ranging from face brushes makeup to lips brushes, definitely, you do not need all of the brushes,however, you would be upset by which makeup brushes fit for you and what the makeup brush is mainly used for when picking from different brushes. How to pick a agreeable makeup brushes? Take it easy! ONU MALL online store would like to share some tips on how to properly purchase of makeup brushes


Just  buy those for where you are used to putting on makeup, If you use lipstick every day, you surely need a lip brush. If you put on the foundation, it is essential to use a foundation brush preparing for the eye makeup, you shall make sure which color for the eye shadow including natural colors, blue or green ones, or makeup smoked you prefer to, the brush corresponding to different makeup varies.

For a hair brush,it is best to choose a natural hair, because natural brush is soft and paddy, it is very comfortable to contact with the skin and easy to stick powder. The synthetic brush is slippery, but it is not easy to make the powder decorated uniform. It should be noted that how to pick the agreeable brush is based on a variety of wool softness and flexibility and the purpose of use. For example: Foundation brush is  for use with the use of liquid foundation, it is necessary to use soft and non-absorbent fibers of wool.

Personally, the ideal option for lip makeup brush, concealer makeup brush, foundation makeup brush is nylon bristles brush which excel in dipping stick powder. how to pick the right eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush ranges from horse hair brush to wool depends on where you use , blush brush and powder paint brush shall use those made of soft fur including wool, squirrel hair, mink fur.

In fact, how soft the brush is determining whether a soft brush is good or bad is not necessarily correct. In general, the soft brush is comfortable; and brush tied with tight, dense bristles is known for elastic strong good at making up with saturated colors. So,how to choose a agreeable brush shall take into account which kind of makeup you would like to apply. You shall fully consider cutting, elasticity, color performance and many other considerations.

What is the makeup brush

As the name suggests, makeup brush is a brush mainly used as the makeup tool for cosmetic beauty , we shall firstly make sure where it is mainly used before figuring out what exactly it is.


Face:Powder paint brush,blush brush ,shadow brush, foundation brush, Biying brush,high light brush, shadow brush,Fan-shaped brush

Eye: shadow brush (different sizes) SUMI brush, concealer brush,eyeliner brush (aqueous flat eyeliner brush, water-soluble eyeliner brush),Eyeshadow,eyebrow brush,mascara brush,eyebrow comb
Lip: Lip Brush


Then what are the makeup brush features:

Loose paint – hold & makeup

Blush brush – sweep blush

Shadow Brush

Foundation Brush – fine wool fiber with liquid foundation \ Sponge  picks up directly to brush on the face

Eye shadow brush – sweep with the use of  makeup brushes with different size for three-dimensional eye makeup

Fan Brush – sweep the eye remaining powder or face remaining powder

Concealer Brush- with the use of concealer/ can also be used as a small eye shadow brush

Eyebrow brush – can be used with single-dual color eyebrow

Eyeliner Brush – Eyeliner with water-soluble

Fine Eyeliner Brush – use with eyeliner cake and water-soluble liner

Lid lip brush – a lip brush with lipstick or lip gloss  is convenient and hygienic

Mascara brush – for finishing the eyebrows and eyelashes finishing

Dual-use eyebrow comb – for finishing the eyebrows and eyelashes finishing

Last,what are the  makeup brushes composed by?
Mink:  moderate hardness, good elasticity, suitable for eye shadow brush.
Horse hair: moderate hardness but not as good as mink elastic, used as eye shadow brush.
Wool: soft, durable, multi-scattered paint, eye shadow brush.
Squirrel hair:  soft, expensive, generally used only as shadow brush.
Rayon: suitable for covering liquid and cream foundation.
Nylon: The texture is most hard, used as mascara brush, eyebrow brush.

Why use makeup brushes

Makeup brush can improve your makeup skills. Different brushes is specifically customized for different parts of the face of the body. Large soft brush is able to easily make color very uniform thin; slim and compact makeup brushes enables powder coating more finer. I want to get the perfect makeup.

24-pcs-Handle-Makeup-Brush O-CB-13746-7-Cosmetic-brush

Many women have never mean to purchase cosmetics, but they tend to use low-quality makeup tools. Due to lack of proper makeup tools, even if the purchase of high-quality cosmetics is worth the candle. Using the right tools makeup, your makeup will become simple and easy, makeup effect would be more professional.

The makeup brush can be used for a long time despite a quality makeup brushes is expensive as long as we properly use. Cosmetic products would be occasionally expired and run out or damaged, all of which would be eliminated by professional makeup tools. So you are surprised by cosmetic product saved because of a complete make-up tools while you can also use some of the multi-functional cosmetic products. Be sure to apply different colors with different brushes, otherwise it will be impossible to successfully toning.