What is virtual reality display

By | May 4, 2016

Virtual reality is a kind of helmet mounted display guiding the user to immersive in a virtual environment including human visual, auditory closed. HMD(Head Mount Display) is the first virtual reality display, the principle of which is that the right and left screen displays shows respectively the images for the left and right eye, the difference in such information acquired by human eyes generate the stereoscopic effect. HMD as a virtual reality display device features compact and closeness , with a wide range of applications in military training, virtual drive, virtual cities and other projects.

applications-of-virtual-reality  How-dose-google-cardboard-virtual-reality-vr-headset-3d-glasses-work

Virtual reality technology began in earnest in the 1960s, it was first used in military and aerospace fields. The game industry is the pioneer in the consumer market of virtual reality technology. Definitely, virtual reality games or subvert the current game and would be the mainstream in the near future,.

Virtual reality technology is an important direction of simulation technology, is a collection of simulation technology and a variety of computer graphics technology, human-machine interface technology, multimedia technology, sensor technology, network technology, is a challenging cross-cutting edge of technology disciplines and research areas. Virtual Reality (VR) include simulated environment, perception natural skills and sensing equipment. Simulated environment is computer-generated, three-dimensional real-time dynamic lifelike images. Perception means that the ideal VR shall have the perception all of the human being own,apart from visual perception computer graphics generated, there are auditory, tactile, haptic, movement, perception, even including the smell and taste, also known as multi-perception. Natural skills refers to a person’s head turning, eyes, gestures or other acts of human action, by a computer is to process data  adapted participants’ actions, and real-time response to user input and feedback to the user’s facial features. Sensing device refers to a three-dimensional interactive device. In March 2015, HTC and Valve joint development of HTC Vive published on MWC2015. According to official data, HTC Vive is supported by Valve’s SteamVR technology, Vive feature game will be launched shortly  for Steam use .

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