Where is the 3D virtual reality helmet mainly applied

By | May 4, 2016

Three-dimensional virtual reality helmet (referred to 3D headset virtual reality)as optics design and manufacturing technologies are maturing, which is not only as a personal monitor application, but is the foundation of compact large-screen projection system,it can transform the images from small LCD display device into big full screen through an optical system . Beside it could be universally applied as essential equipment of man combat systems in modern advanced military electronic technology, it has extended to consumer electronic technology, the three-dimensional virtual reality helmet or 3D headset virtual reality is the first application of electronic technology of virtual reality system.

Virtual reality is stretching beyond video games  google-cardboard-games

Whether the need for data in the real world or immersive the visual image change, simulation training, 3D gaming, remote medical and surgical, or using infrared microscopy, electron microscope to extend the human visual capacity, three-dimensional virtual reality helmets have been applied. For example, vehicles, aircraft pilot and command-man combat  communication, battlefield observation, information display about terrain view, night vision display system, vehicle and aircraft cannon aiming systems needed, you can use 3D headset virtual reality. On the CAD / CAM operations, HMD allow the operator to remotely check out data, such as a list of local data, engineering drawings, product specifications. Boeing uses VR technology for the Boeing 777 aircraft design, the 3D headset virtual reality has been applied.

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