What VR products Google will unveil

By | May 5, 2016

Technology Web site CNET reported that VR market is increasingly popular as the major technology companies have been involved in the field of VR ,not to mention the Google. This year’s Google I / O will begin soon, presumably Google already prepared. As we all know, Google I / O conference is focused on showcasing Google new products, Android Wear, Google Project Glass and Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset 3D VR glass and other novelty products were respectively unveiled at the conference, definitely, VR would be the highlight of the General Assembly conference.

google_store_vr-cardboard  Google Cardboard

Previously, Google had tested Google Cardboard VR Virtual Reality headset 3D VR glass. Fortunately, Google Cardboard known as extremely cheap and functional VR case easily repelled other expensive VR box, you could enjoy virtual reality experience by using your existing mobile phone (compatible with iOS and Android),which eliminates the need to pay big bucks, furthermore, Google’s YouTube is constantly introducing 360-degree video VR resources, Google has been many people’s VR teacher.

However, as a super-giant, Google is surely not reconciled to hover in the low-end market and will introduce more advanced VR products to capture the market. Here, we have to take stock VR products may unveiled in this Google I / O.

Talking about Project Tango, it is pretty strange for majority of VR users, but it does plays an important role in Google VR device. Because the product has been initially assembled detectable depth of 3D camera, as a result, VR headset device can get rid of complex sensor signal receiver (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive comes with the sensor signal receiver) so as to achieve a higher level of motion sensing.

Thanks to this technique, the user can get rid of the shackles of wires, wear a VR helmet and take a stroll at home, the camera can scan the size and layout of the room. Personally, Project Tango project will undoubtedly promote the VR headset device climbing to a new level. While Oculus is also developing, there is no doubt that Google has occupied a leading position.

It is well known that Google are working together chip maker to develop the next generation of Movidius VR equipment, the maker has launched the amazing chip in Dajiang wizard 4, which can help the UAV Automatically Avoiding the Obstacle.The low-power chips can also play a significant role in the field of augmented reality (AR), perhaps this conference Google will give us the answer.

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset 3D VR glass does have many shortcomings in the application, while the Samsung Gear VR’s applications and games have a considerable size. Right now, Google will not easily give up Cardboard platform, so they will strive to enhance Cardboard function next time, making the picture clearer and smoother.

In addition to the hardware for Cardboard Virtual Reality headset 3D VR glass is about to upgrade, Google will simultaneously update the software. Android platform would provide platform support for VR. If VR applications and functions on the device comes with Android, which will be very powerful, and it is bound to transform the current “toy” into a real “productivity tool.”

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset 3D VR glass is so simple that you have no choice but to constantly click the only one button. Fortunately, it would come with smart cameras and new interactive methods including input devices and handles like. Additionally, Google may also introduce Microsoft HoloLens gesture control and tracking systems.

At last year’s Google I / O conference, Google had released a similar VR camera product, but the product was still too simple, just a bunch of GoPro camera array composed. Google also needs to refine it to place in the market. In this coming Assembly, Google probably will launch the version of the VR camera finished, taking into account the imperfect product at market, Google’s VR movie camera may be your favorite.

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