Why use unique red wine aerator decanter

By | May 6, 2016

The traditional method on  How to enjoy quality red wine is to pour the win into a distillation flask, keep shaking and stilling for about 30 minutes, make wine full contact with oxygen in the air, resulting in the tannic acid oxidation for the removal of sour and other miscellaneous taste. Traditional decanter is criticized for time-consuming and complex ineffective decanter operation, unfortunately,what make matters worse is that the heavy bottle with bulky volume is inconvenience to use.


Additionally, how long the wine shall be decanted depends on the what the wine is. It is difficult to properly control the most accurate decanting time; if sobering time is too long, you could not taste the authentic wine; if too short, you can not get rid of the sour and smell. sober enough time, they can not get rid of the sour wine and smell, if waiting a few hours, you’ll dull; if you want to prepare in advance, and you need time and experience. Therefore, a timely decanters was born.

Red wine aerator decanter unveiled by ONU MALL is made of elegant ABS and glass,it speeds up the breathing process by instantly aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine so that you could easily and conveniently enhance the bouquet, flavor & finish of any wine,just simply hold aerator over glass and pour wine through for instant aeration;what an amazing gift for your friends, classmate, colleagues, friends, relations!

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