How to convert half width of 3D video sources to the full width

By | May 26, 2016

VR glasses is applicable for watching 3D video with left and right format; but playback screen of  3D video with left and right format with half width is usually squeezed when being played. So how to resolve it?  how to convert  half width of 3D sources to the full width?

Because the 3D film source is universally is a large file, it reached the cell phone is very troublesome, it is recommended to use the phone to directly play the video in the computer, please google “How to use the phone directly playing the video in the computer via a wireless wifi”.

The easiest way – you can find a video players setting [Aspect Ratio] such as MX.

Tools / materials

3D video with left and right half width

MX Player, or others which can set the aspect ratio

Method /

File Manager with the MX Player Pro Open downloaded 3D film source

VR glasses to see how the right and left half width of 3D sources for conversion about the full width

Top right, click “…” Settings – Display – aspect ratio, the width is set to double as the original 16: 9 is set to 32: 9

If the image is not centered including too small, too large and other issues, click on the upper right corner “…” Settings – Display – video scaling, set to “adapt to the screen.”



Check out “How to use the phone to play computer’s video directly via wifi wireless ” in google

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