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What are virtual reality 3D box headset glasses

Virtual Reality, referred to as the VR,also known as virtual reality technology or artificial environment,is a high-tech in recent years. Virtual reality is the use of computer simulations to generate a three-dimensional virtual world, providing the user with simulations about visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory, making users feeling immersive and truly ground-breaking experience. There… Read More »

How to solve dizziness problem after wearing glasses 3d Box virual reality headset

Since 3D box glasses headset can be worn comfortably to allow us to freely enjoy the ultra-stereoscopic 3D gaming and video, it has swept the world, it is expected to become the latest hottest virual reality products during 2016. However, many people get dizzy when wearing such 3D box virual reality headset glasses, why? Given… Read More »