Professional company specializing in consumer electronics accessories

ONU-MALL  is a professional online store company specializing in ranging from consumer electronics accessories  including cell phone cases and tablet accessories  and bluetooth earphone and keyboards and VR box 3D glasses etc to health beauty product including hair straightening brush and foot file and pill box etc, established on 2008, it commitment to quality and various fashion collections of cases showing off your style of consumer electronics for your wholesale and shopping at

ONU MALL CO.,LIMITED has been committeed to further refining the consumer electrics gadgets and variety of services, not only bringing with significantly lower wholesale price but insisting on aggressive quality in consumer electronics and health beauty products including cell phone case, tablet cover, hair straightener brush, foot file, VR Box, Selfie Sticks etc;
with sound certifications ranging from CE,RoHS to UL,FCC etc,with many year’s experience in
OEM/ODM service

Apart from providing unwatermarked pics, what the unique advantage we owns professional
24 hours’ break ASS service.

We spare no effort to ensure product quality, at the same time, we just want to do our utmost to
prolong lifespan and allow you to enjoy safer and more comfortable electronic products. With that in mind, we keep in unveiling a roundup of the best, latest and coolest consumer electronics gadgets and accessories including charger,car charger,flash drive,USB cable,adapter,battery,camera,headphone,earphone,headset,keyboard,mouse,LED light,mini fan etc.

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